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Henty Brook Standardbreds has had to quickly evolve due to the phenomenal performance of foundation sire ADVANCE ATTACK NZ.


Mal and Tanya Hancock and their son Hayden have been passionate participants in the harness racing industry as breeders and owners for more than 30 years. For most of that time, they have been very much the hobby breeder enjoying modest success along the way.

After purchasing a magnificent 37-acre property divided by the meandering Henty Brook in the heart of the rich loam soils of Burekup, just 20 minutes from the regional city of Bunbury, they decided to pursue their dream of increasing their involvement in harness racing.

They decided to find a stallion to use privately with their small band of mares. They were very lucky to secure well credentialed but unproven stallion ADVANCE ATTACK NZ through the generosity of owner Mark Congerton of I’m The Mighty Quin and Baltic Eagle fame. Mark’s comment at the time was that ADVANCE ATTACK NZ was “a great, proud little horse and I just want to give him an opportunity.”

Well, it appears that this fella has the X-Factor and the Henty Brook Standardbreds team is very grateful to have the responsibility and enjoyment of helping him fulfill his destiny.

Although this is new territory for the Henty Brook team, it has been bolstered by the services of one of the best-credentialed specialist Artificial Insemination Veterinarians in Western Australia. It is now looking to share ADVANCE ATTACK NZ’s abilities with the rest of the Australasian breeding fraternity.

“Harness racing is one of the most enjoyable pursuits in life for the converted but unfortunately not enough people experience it,” Mal said. “We hope our fella can bring some X-Factor speed into our racing through his progeny and help stimulate new interest in the industry and maybe even encourage other breeders to try out other untried stallions who deserve the opportunity.

We will give him the chance and the rest will be up to him!

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